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Manny’s Tortas

Maximize your success.

The NDC Business Lab offers effective strategies that are relevant to today’s economy. We craft innovative and sustainable solutions that help you as an entrepreneur work smarter and more efficiently. From understanding local markets on a deeper level to seamlessly integrating our services for a more holistic approach, we’re dedicated to bringing you customized and meaningful solutions.

“NDC has been really powerful help for a lot of entrepreneurs. Because basically, they take you by the hand and say okay, this is how you’re supposed to get into the program, get loans, get permits. I knew about food, but the business aspect is totally different, and NDC helps you with that.”

Manny González, Manny’s Tortas

Areas of Expertise

At NDC, we have experience in a wide variety of business areas.

General Management

Strategic Business Planning

Business analysis and strategic planning. State and city requirements, licensing and permitting.

Food Business Management

Advice on layout, cost analysis and management. Incubating and financing food-related businesses.

Inventory Control

Assessing current inventory systems, as well as developing improved systems and technology.

Recycling Program Guidance

Connecting businesses to the latest recycling program information, funding and support to begin onsite recycling programs.

Energy Savings Consultations

Energy saving strategies and services, like audits and rebate programs for lighting and equipment.

Mindset Reset

A program designed to support the entrepreneur balance wellness, goal-planning, and accountability through small groups and training workshops.
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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Setup, cleanup and training using Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks and manual systems.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow systems, estimates and forecasting project trends.

Financial Projections

Estimating revenues and expenses or new businesses or strategic expansion planning.

Marketing and Branding

Graphic Design

Brand identity, logo development, print and digital design, signage, web sites and more.


Merchandise displays, product sample techniques, product demonstrations and promotions.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing plans, sales strategies, industry and demographic analysis.

Social Media Setup and Training

Social media marketing training and assistance with the creation of branded social media accounts.