Real Estate Services

Ha Tien Supermarket

We connect businesses with places.

With community partners in our targeted neighborhoods, NDC restores properties to create dynamic commercial spaces in which small businesses can start and grow.

“At the time, there’s no way we could have done what we’ve done without NDC.”

Sonora Grill, Midtown Global Market, Minneapolis

Real Estate Services

Find a Space

Our experienced real estate team can help you find the perfect location within our incubators. Browse our listing of business incubators or contact us below to talk to our real estate team.

Real Estate Development

NDC purchases and redevelops strategically located buildings that can be developed into incubators that enhance the surrounding neighborhood while creating supportive places for businesses to start and grow.


NDC provides a fee-based consulting service in a variety of project areas, including public markets, real estate development, building a commercial kitchen, marketing, financial management and forecasting, food service, merchandizing, applications for permits and more.