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NDC Business Lab Service Request Form

The Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) is a community-based non-profit organization that works in low-income neighborhoods in St. Paul and Minneapolis helping emerging entrepreneurs build successful businesses that serve their communities, and build stronger neighborhood economies.

NDC's Business Lab provides resources and services to small businesses. In this request form, you will be guided through sections to provide details about your contact information, demographics, business training experience, and your business idea.

Please note, in order to be eligible for business lab services, you are required to have a completed business plan and/or executive summary. If you are interested in resources to help you complete a plan, please contact our Training department at (651) 379-8425. Services are subject to Business Lab approval.
Tell Us About Yourself

For more than one race/ethnicity, select "Other".

Input numbers only. This is the combined total amount of what each family member makes for the entire year.

(E.g. If you were referred from Hennepin County Elevate HC, select "Another Organization" from the dropdown and include "Hennepin County Elevate HC" in the Name of person or organization who referred you field.)

A mentor is also known as a coach.

Your Business Information

Note: if your request is approved, NDC will require a copy of your business plan and/or executive summary.

If you do not know the date, copy and paste this link: into a tab to look up the date you registered.

Maximum characters = 500.

Gross sales are the grand total of all sale transactions before any deductions (e.g. expenses, payroll).

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