Tenant Application (St. Paul)

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Tenant Application - Saint Paul

We are seeking outstanding businesses to rent spaces at Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) incubator sites. The following information will allow our management team to better understand your business before making final selections of tenants.

NDC requires that all applicants have thorough business and operation plans in place for our review or have completed NDC's 12-week entrepreneur training course (or similar training). If the applicant needs additional assistance with business training please follow the link for more information www.ndc-mn.org/planit/
The following materials are required from all applicants to be considered for full review:
  1. Completed Potential Tenant Application (this form). 
  2. A Business Plan that covers all requested information.
  3. Past 3 years of business tax returns.
  4. Current balance sheet and income statement for your business.
  5. Other materials you believe will explain your current business and your proposed business to our NDC Development Team.
All information will be kept confidential. Please submit these materials to the contact below, who is also available to answer questions and assist you to the best of their ability with completing the questionnaire. All information will be treated confidentially and reviewed only by the NDC Team.

The Leasing Process
  1. All applications must initially fit within the Concept Guidelines stage of the leasing process and will be reviewed by the owner's representatives and if approved, will move on to the second stage of the process.

  2. Second stage of the leasing process---Due Diligence. NDC staff does an in depth business plan review of the five required items above. 

  3. The final stage of the leasing process is the approval or denial of the application. If an application is accepted, a lease will be negotiated.
Section to be hidden after testing:

Please fill out the following questions as completely as possible.  They are intended to give NDC much of the same information as a business plan would for your proposed business at one of our sites. You will have an opportunity to upload a business plan later on in this form if you choose to.

Personal Contact Information

For more than one race/ethnicity, select "Other".

Business Information

Please specify above.

Use Ctrl+ to select more than one category if needed.

Only enter info@ or contactus@ for general/generic business email address.
(E.g., name, account number, phone number)

General Questions 


(E.g., marketing plan)

(ADD language--E.g., Construction business is based on jobs per year as oppose to retail-based on item/sales)

Operation and Management

Equipment and Improvement
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Start-Up Cost
How much do you anticipate it will cost to open for business:
Financial Resources
Please list all sources from where you will acquire this money:
By signing, I agree to the following terms:
  • That completing the application form does not guarantee or imply acceptance of the application.

Everything that I/we have stated in this application is accurate to the best of my/our knowledge. I/We understand that Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) will retain this application and all materials hereafter submitted whether approval is granted or not. I/We hereby authorize Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) to obtain credit reports (if applicable) on me/us and the business, to examine my/our credit history and that of the business, and to answer questions about its experience with the business and me/us.

The next screen will allow you to review your entries. At the bottom, you'll have the opportunity to sign your form. Once you have "signed and submitted" your e-signature, you will receive an email with a verification link. You will need to click on the link (or copy and paste the link into their browser's URL) to finish the verification process. After you click the link, you will receive a final email confirmation. This email will contain a link which allows you to view a record of the e-signature.

Note: Check your spam folder to ensure you received the email with the verification link.