KC Kye

Owner, K-Mama Sauce

Ever since kindergarten, KC Kye knew he had a knack for business. He excelled at trading sports cards with his friends and eventually obtained not one, but two Michael Jordan rookie-of-the-year cards.

KC fondly looks back at this time as an introduction to his understanding of how to do business, and aspired to work at a reputable marketing and advertising firm in New York City as a leading partner. However, he saw many friends obtain such careers and lack purpose in continuing to work in their field.

“I grew up with a ‘profit-at-all-costs’ mentality, but after encountering a community that was extraordinarily generous with me, it completely changed my business philosophy.”


KC found his way to Church of All Nations in Minnesota after graduating from seminary and after completing an internship with the church, he began to realize that for him, church should direclty impact one’s understanding of the economy. This is the primary reason he began K-Mama Sauce, to play an impact in the community’s life and to be able to give abundantly.

KC’s pastor and mentor who is like a father to him pushed him to create a business where he could make Korean gochujang sauce. Gochujang is the famous Korean ingredient that is at the foundation of K-Mama Sauce and the delicious flavor. There are books written about gochujang, popular movies and TV shows that highlight it, and many grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Costco that carry Korean food products, making K-mama Sauce the perfect compliment to many Korean-themed meals.

“I love Korean food and I also love sharing it with people who are interested in Korean food and culture.” —KC KYE

NDC: How has NDC helped you?

KC: “I graduated from the Entrepreneur Training Program, which helped me with getting oriented with starting a business in Minnesota. I took various free workshops, I have worked with the Business Lab for help with a design for our business, and I have also spoken with the lending department. All have proven to be very helpful resources.”

NDC: How would you like to see your business grow?

KC: “I would like to see our sauce on shelves at co-ops, specialty shops, and grocery stores in Minnesota and nationwide.”

NDC: What is your business’ biggest accomplishment to date?

KC: “Since March, we have sold over 2000 bottles. More importantly, our fans are telling their family and friends about it so they are becoming our regulars as well. We used to have to fight to get into farmers markets, and were always a bit too slow on the uptake in applying to events but now we are receiving invitations almost every week. We have also partnered with The Kenwood (Minneapolis) and Brasa (St. Paul) who loves using our sauce.”