Juliet Mitchell

Founder & Owner of Eagles Wings, LLC

Success in a career and in life, Juliet Mitchell believes, is a combination of technical skills, determination and social etiquette. Social etiquette, she believes, goes well beyond which fork to use at a meal, but integrates respect and consideration for others with the knowledge of social norms that can lead to success in life.

Ms. J, as Mitchell introduces herself, is owner of Eagles Wings, LLC, a career and personal development company teaching skills and respect for self and others to transform the social abilities of children, teens, adults and even inmates. Once a customer relations executive for Northwest Airlines, Ms. J assisted employees needing to learn social skills and workplace ethics to succeed in a competitive corporate environment. Flash forward 12 years, and Mitchell is on her own, based out of an office on St. Paul’s Selby Avenue, and stronger than ever.




909 Selby Ave, Ste. A
St. Paul, MN 55104




Business Services

“I have received so much from so many sources – God, my husband, and of course the NDC-U7 Team. I need to give back, I want to give back to my community.”


Ms. J’s corporate career ended soon after 9/11 when the airline industry drastically cut its workforce. Having taken Neighborhood Development Center’s Plan It! entrepreneur training program a few years earlier, she looked at the layoff as a message from God to launch out on her own. She reconnected with NDC who helped her launch Eagles Wings. They reviewed her business model, created a new logo, created mailers, postcards and informational folders and assisted with marketing and social media. This work, in combination with her own tireless effort, has made a huge financial impact on her bottom line. Sales and revenue has nearly doubled from 2012 to today with no end in sight in terms of potential.

“You need a team. When you’re a company of one, you need people who see the vision with you and can help you work that out,” Mitchell said. “Once I started working with NDC and U7, I felt I had a team that was working on my behalf, working with me. They were respectful, definitely hard working.  The NDC-U7 Team honors you as a person and professional businessperson. They gave me the best that they’ve got.”

Ms. J works daily to perfect and expand her unique business. In the spring of 2012 she applied for and received a grant to help defray the cost of attending the prestigious etiquette-oriented Emily Post Institute in Burlington, Vermont. At home, she leads her trademarked Social Education and Life Etiquette (SELE) program, volunteering with at-risks groups in the community and promoting her services.

Perhaps Mitchell’s most intriguing project has been with the Dakota County Correctional facility. She and her business partner Roxanne Johnson lead groups in the eight-session, 16-hour SELE series, giving adult men the skills they need to reintegrate into society.

“We talk about how to get along in life. We even talk about jail etiquette,” Mitchell said. She regularly brings in donated men’s suits and ties for style shows. “They stand a little taller when the have a suit on, when they are dressed well.” They want that respect that dressing and looking good can give them.”

For Ms. J, the promise of Eagles Wings is career development, dignity and poise, self respect and respect given and received. When all those bases are covered, the final lesson, she laughed, is sitting at a banquet table, learning which fork is which.