Client Manager/Accounting Advisor

Client Manager/Accounting Advisor

Position Title: Client Manager/Accounting Advisor
Reports to: Business Lab Director
Location: 663 University Ave W, Suite 200, Saint Paul, MN 55104
Salary: $49,000-$55,000 annual plus great benefits
Closing Date: January 20, 2022
Job Type: Full time, M-F
Status: Exempt

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Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) is a non-profit organization that offers training, lending and technical assistance to inner-city entrepreneurs in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. NDC’s mission is to improve neighborhood economies by developing the talents of micro-entrepreneurs within their own communities. NDC has trained more than 6,000 people to date (80% of whom are people of color.)

We currently have nearly 650 alumni in business. NDC places strong emphasis on accountability, adaptability and commitment to working closely with clients to help overcome obstacles and barriers. NDC’s work relies upon collaboration and strong personal relationships. These values drive our policies, programs and personnel.

NDC is a small, friendly, busy office with a fast-paced work environment. Employees must be innovative, entrepreneurial and be willing to tackle a wide variety of tasks. Successful employees will have a passion for social justice and an eagerness to engage in the communities where we work.

Position Purpose

NDC’s Business Lab provides in depth business services to NDC Alumni, Tenants, Loan Clients and business owners that operate within NDC’s target geographic neighborhoods. NDC’s Business Lab team/staff reviews all business service requests, approves whom receives services, and selects the service providers to provide agreed-upon services.

Nature and Scope of Position

This position is responsible for communicating directly with small business owners, identifying their business and financial needs and concerns, effectively communicating NDC’s scope of services, working with business owners on strategies to improve their businesses (including the facilitation of professional consulting services), preparing and reviewing financial documents, tracking/reporting on client project progress and communicating back to NDC Business Lab Director on results.

Major Job Responsibilities

Task 1: Direct Service to Clients

The staff member will be the lead accounting / bookkeeping setup and training technical assistance services provider for NDC clients. Meet with small business owners to identify their accounting needs; help them create financial strategies to improve their businesses and assist with the implementation of those strategies, including the facilitation of professional consulting services.

  1. The staff member will provide clients with financial reviews/assessments, recommendations, templates and training 1:1 to clients. In addition, provide consultation, setup, clean up and maintenance of accounting, bookkeeping, POS, and other financial or inventory related systems. Manage NDC small business accounting consultants.
  2. Manage the department program entitled “Money Matters” which is a combination of small group and 1:1 client engagement regarding financial literacy and fiscal operational health of the business.
  3. Manage the Biz Lab Department accounting pipeline general ledger.
  4. Perform all other duties as assigned by NDC Business Lab Director.


The successful candidate is likely to have more than one of the following:

  1. Significant employment experience in accounting and bookkeeping, banking, business management, sales, and retail, etc.
  2. Experience working with culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse communities.
  3. Two years of experience in small business lending and/or community development.
  4. Previous experience as a business owner.

Experience and certifications in Accounting and QuickBooks. Strong knowledge of Excel, Microsoft Word, Project Management Software, Wrike, SalesForce and Point of Sale systems. Understanding of Social Media and Web based Tools and database software.

How to Apply

Send cover letter, resume and salary requirements to or mail to HR, 625 University Ave W., St. Paul, MN 55103