Building Neighborhood Economies From Within


The Pacific Standard came out with a great article last week. “The Problem With Cereal” dives into the issue of how food (grocery, restaurants, cafés, etc.) is used to create gentrification. Much like real estate and jobs, access to food, particularly trendy food, can force out ethnic communities or communities of color. As the author astutely notes,”when a cereal café moves into a traditionally poor or minority community, the problem isn’t necessarily that locals will suddenly begin eating Froot Loops for dinner, but instead that these places work to slowly fragment the local culture, to replace tradition with privilege, to create a new norm.” We encourage you to read the full article here.

At NDC, we believe that creating strong communities comes from those who actually live and work in their community. As we see the rise of new stadiums, it is important to remain aware of what and who are influencing your neighborhood. Is there affordable housing? Are there local entrepreneurs running businesses? Is there access to affordable, healthy food? Together, we can continue to strengthen our communities.