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Hassan Ziadi Owner of Moroccan FlavorsINDUSTRY Restaurant LOCATION Midtown Global Market 920 E. Lake Street, #126 Minneapolis, MN 55407 WEBSITE moroccanflavorsmpls.com NDC SERVICES ACCESSED Entrepreneur Training, Small Business Loan, Business Services     Morocco has been shrouded in mystique since Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman hit the silver screen in the 1942 film Casablanca. In Minnesota, where most people have onlyRead More

Eddie Wu Founder & Owner of Cook St. PaulINDUSTRY Restaurant LOCATION 1124 Payne Ave, St Paul, MN WEBSITE www.cookstp.com NDC SERVICES ACCESSED Small Business Loan, Business Services Eddie Wu always had a way with restoring things. At the age of six he started his first business selling refurbished rocks from his backyard. He hand-picked the rocksRead More

As Ty Barnett and Shannon Forney watched the Green Line LRT being built, the actualization of a dream began. With over 20 years of expertise both managing and operating independent coffee shops, Ty always dreamed of having her own coffee bar. Shannon, an arts administrator with a M.A. in Non-Profit Administration, had just received herRead More

As a solutions-oriented person, Phillip writes the following on what can be done to help change the problem discussed in our recent blog post. Read that post first, if you haven’t yet. He writes: “In my opinion, one way to help reverse this gap is to increase the number of small, midsize and large successful AfricanRead More

NDC Staff member Phillip Porter recently reflected on the Star Tribune article reporting that Black household income has plunged in Minnesota. This report states that the one-year drop puts Minnesota behind Mississippi for median Black household earnings. Phillip, who grew up in Kansas City but moved to Minnesota in 1978 is a NDC Loan Officer andRead More