Building Neighborhood Economies From Within

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The Pacific Standard came out with a great article last week. “The Problem With Cereal” dives into the issue of how food (grocery, restaurants, caf├ęs, etc.) is used to create gentrification. Much like real estate and jobs, access to food, particularly trendy food, can force out ethnic communities or communities of color. As the authorRead More

Ever since kindergarten, KC Kye knew he had a knack for business. He excelled at trading sports cards with his friends and eventually obtained not one, but two Michael Jordan rookie-of-the-year cards. KC fondly looks back at this time as an introduction to his understanding of how to do business, and aspired to work atRead More

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) established October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month to educate the public and business owners about cybersecurity. As a small business owner, now is the time to take stock of your cybersecurity health, including the importance of securing information through best cybersecurity practices; identifying your risk and the typesRead More

If you live in Minnesota, you know that the State Fair is a yearly highlight. For many NDC entrepreneurs, the State Fair provides another opportunity to expand their business and gain more experience in a fast-paced, demanding environment. Over the years, we have witnessed our entrepreneurs start out at our “Taste of the Midtown GlobalRead More

Have you ever wondered if you or someone else would be a successful entrepreneur? Turns out, Gallop has been doing research into the psychology of entrepreneurs. Some of those traits include need for achievement, risk propensity, passion, creativity, autonomy and self-efficacy. You can reach the full article on Gallop here.